About Us

Company Profile
Maxx Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated on 31 January 2003. Our aim is to provide excellent fire prevention and protection system related consultation and technical services to existing or new buildings.

We placed ourselves high in terms of objectives & achievements, ensuring all problems are resolved with quality solutions that will meet or surpasses all specifications.

Our Core Values:

Our Team possesses the discipline and courage to do what is right, even under pressure. We have a desire to improve, innovate and excel in what we do and propel the Team towards excellence. This value sustains us in times of difficulties and reinforces our determination to succeed against all odds.

As a Team that embraces Unity, we work in harmony and discharge our duties as a team. We share knowledge and experiences readily to bring Maxx Engineering to achieve next level of performance. Working as one, we achieve strength in diversity as we strive towards our common vision of providing outstanding services to our customers.

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